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Chicagoland Toy Soldier Show 2023
Chicago Toy Soldier Show is NO MORE
How Much Should I Pay for a Playset?
Hugh O'Brian Auction
The hobby loses Nick Versteeg and Ed Borris
Miles Neff
The Passing of Collector Ron Angleton
The Passing of Lee Aakers and Johnny Crawford
Two PMers, Tim and Elizabeth Young, take the playset and toy hobby to TV in Indiana
Chicago Toy Soldier Show (CTSS) 2017 PHOTOS
Peter Fritz Passes
Actor, Hugh O'Brian Has Passed
3D Printer slated to attend the OTS show, Sponsored by Barzso Playsets, Inc. & The Chicago Toy Soldier Show
DVD Vol. XIV and Chicago Toy Soldier Show 2014 Update
Atomic Home Video Wins Telly Award!

Training Center - "Basic Training" Videos (playset and figure care,etc)

Tribute to The King of the Wild Frontier (and Daniel Boone), Fess Parker

How To Repair Your Ideal Frogman Sub

OTSN- Comprehensive coverage of the World's premiere Toy Soldier Show - all OTSN reports since 2006
Collecting Community Loses One of the Greats of Marx and A Great Friend
Rather than be the only source of show information, we hope this calendar will be an additional resource for you. We know of other excellent Toy Soldier Calendars available such as the ones presented by Old Toy Soldier and Marxplaysets. Many of the shows will be listed in all three calendars, but some will not. For your convenience, we've provided website and email links for specific shows, when available.

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