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Our books and magazine issues are thoroughly vetted and very in depth. Regular contributors and content authorities include
Rick Eber, Francis Turner,  Mark Hegeman, George Kroll, Ron Angleton, David Schafer, Kent Sprecher, Glenn Ridenour and others.

Helping on the massive effort that was the MARX BATTLEGROUNDS II book are  Terry Isbell, Eric Koopmeiners,  Eddie White, and once again Factory Records were from Francis Turner & Glenn Ridenour / Special Proofs & Pre Edit aid was given by Doug Wood. Backing up everyone is our toughened and experienced team with their special skills: the all-important vetting and correction efforts of Biff Smith and Paul Gruendler for vetting, proofing and pre-edits, and the indispensable Kent Sprecher for contents list and mold record vetting. Our Military Advisers Maj. Greg Liska (USA Ret) and Paul Gruendler (also USA Ret.) add formidable knowledge to our output, all tied together by our beautiful editor in chief, Kathy Kern, who made sure the tone of the book was consistent, readable, authoritative and that the photos far outweigh the talk.

Playset magazine accepts stories and photos on plastics of the atomic Age and Toy Soldiers, peacetime and wartime plastics. We are currently seeking tips for cleaning figures, fixing boxes and bags, and especially you techniques for doing so.  Contact us if you have an idea you'd like to share! 

If you send text, DO NOT FORMAT IT. Your computer‘s formatting, like putting in dots (…) will not agree with our publishing computers. Photos – just send what you have we’ll format them. The larger the better.

Rusty Kern is the Publisher. He grew up on Air Force bases and the rumble and roar of rockets he found so thrilling then has never left him. He honors his father “The Colonel” through his efforts in the magazine and puts everything he’s got into it. A professional video producer in the outside world, he favors imagery, photos, graphics and vintage images & ads over talky text. 

Our website is maintained by Jim Clouse, owner of BattleBoards and a fellow collector.

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