Miles Neff
Films and Television Voice

Miles Neff had a famous voice, though maybe you didn’t know you were listening to it – during Movies, DVDs, TV commercials and as a TV series announcer, and very often on PBS. Miles was a Marx playset collector and he loved all the vintage plastic stuff, especially space items from Deluxe Reading. He also had James Bond’s 007 Race set, lots of Marx and other items. We had many long talks about his dreams and likes, and he collected the entire Atomic series of videos. Among his credits are for audio department accomplishments related to Jurassic World, Furious 7, X-Men, Bourne Ultimatum, Despicable Me, all the Star Wars III, IV, V. VI and he seemed especially proud of his work for PBS.

He also graciously provided the narration for the introduction to our Fort Apache - King of Playsets video.

Shortly before his death he sent in photos of a remarkable find: the box used to collect funds for those grocery store sales of Deluxe Reading products. The report was included in issue 121. Miles had finally found the home of his dreams nestled amongst the giant forests near Yosemite National Park. Miles had really made it and was survived by his sister, Julie Neff-Encinas. Miles died of natural causes in December 2021 and will be missed for his film contributions, many national TV series and announcements. God has invited him into the greatest playground of all but he will be missed in ours.

God Speed, Miles Neff

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