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Battleground and Combat Sets
Atomic’s newest book, Marx Battlegrounds and Combat Sets (1958-1963) explodes on the scene with one of the most requested books of all time in the hobby, documenting the complete history of one of the most exciting and beloved sets of all time. In over 180 jam packed pages of colorful information and entertaining stories, you’ll enjoy complete mint-in-box listings for every Battleground and Combat set of the crucial period of 1958 through 1963.

Witness the development of the sets, see the Combat Training Centers as they accept the first of the new figures and accessories; then the explosive debut of the first Battleground sets in Sears and Retail Stores, and the magnificent Marine Beachhead playsets, “The Marines’ Own!” all the way until the last of the sets featuring first series US forces. See the Marx Combat Line with its shoebox sets and the awesome Army accessories that left us breathless: the German helmets, the infantry rifle sets, the grenades and more vintage toys.

Relive the incredible debut of the giant sets as Giant Army Battleground and Gallant Men reach explosive new heights; turn the pages of history as suddenly Hitler’s ground troops appear.
Witness D-Day and Army Combat as never before with the enemy figures that changed everything; no more would the US GI’s fight one another in khaki and green; and we end with the expectation of the following year as Marx changes up everything again with all new troops and accessories.

An enormously colorful and complete undertaking, an explosive book filled to the brim with research, details and commentary, the first of its kind to tell the complete story.

AVAILABLE NOW! 100’s of full color photos, two-page spreads, plus factory images, factory records, many vintage ads and full text explaining the full story of the Marx Battlegrounds.

  • Complete contents listings for every set

  • Lots of close-up details

  • Instruction sheets, boxes, bags

  • Full chapter on accessories

  • Full Chapter on Marine Beachhead

  • Full Chapter on Combat Training Centers

  • Full Chapters on Battleground

  • Full Chapter on Combat Line sets

    All the Giant Sets up to 1963

  • More! More! More!

  • Full color & B&W

  • Book matches with all other books in the Atomic line
    (6 books available!

What readers are saying about our books

This is an excellent resource and it provides a summary of ALL the Marx civil war playsets. Love the pictures of the various displays. Very informative and fun! Great for the collector. Fun for is who grew up with these sets. Highly recommended.


I have all of your books, but Battlegrounds and Combat Sets is by far the BEST ONE you have done.  The information and the photo are great, and the subject has now been covered perfectly.  This is my main interest in Marx collecting, so I must say, that this book is a must have for anyone interested in the WWII era of Marx playsets. Congratulations on a supreme effort on your part for finally putting all this in a well documented and highly informative book .

Ron Angleton 

Great reference book for Marx Civil War Playsets. Beautiful pictures and lots of good information on
the set.

batteryb4thusa Aug 06, 2019

It is over 180 pages with contributions by some of the best known names in the hobby: Rick Eber, Jim McGough, David Schafer, Kent Sprecher, Paul Gruendler and Ron Angleton, Glenn Ridenour, and many more.

Written by the author of Marx Toy Kings Volume I & II, Marx Fort Apache King of Playsets, Marx Civil War sets, Rusty Kern.

Available now for any library! Hard Cover $59.95 and Soft Cover $39.95 +Shipping (Order with Secure PayPal below), or CONTACT US.

More from our readers
An amazing book for anyone interested in Marx play sets.
Especially the Blue & Gray set. Hundreds of great photos and
lots of interesting text.

Tomzee Aug 07, 2019

What I've come to count on from the Kerns, extremely entertaining and a great teacher well organized with a lot of catalog photos detailed color options.

tankgripper Jul 05, 2019
This is the most comprehensive reference on Louis Marx and Co Civil War play sets from the 1950s through the 1970s. Listed are play set numbers and set contents. Also includes other manufacturers such as Lido, Multiple Products Co and Andy Gard. A must for any serious play set collector, dealer or just plain old
fun reading.

The Toymiester Jan 15, 2019
Your books and videos have been invaluable in verifying the claims of the eBay sellers on the three playsets that I have acquired to date. I plan to subscribe to your magazine so I can learn the good dealers, as well!

Mike Cunningham

Battleground and Combat Sets SOFT COVER Book

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