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OTSN 2011

REPORT #3, SEPTEMBER 27 (Photos from Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 24-25)

From what I could gather, Saturday morning was fairly busy in the hallways for room trading, but tapered off in the afternoon. Most dealers start breaking down their rooms early on Sat. evening to begin the move down to the ballrooms. Reports of business varied from slow to exceptionally busy.. I think it really depended on what you brought to sell, pricing and of course, finding the buyers!

On Sunday morning the line started forming at least 45 minutes prior to the show. Show traffic tends to be busiest in the morning, but it remained busy in spurts thoughout the day. I really didn't see a big difference in show attendance or business from previous years.. As always, it was great fun.. And if you've never been, I would highly recommend visiting Schaumburg, IL next year!

OTSN 2011
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