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PLAYSET MAGAZINE ISSUE 83: Marx Jetport #4810


This is a Summer of Transportation the way Louis Marx liked it. Louie, King of Playsets and toys the world over, spent a lot of time in cars and planes, and this issue we have ‘em both, in spades. But once again, we have two battling features, one on the land, one in the air over your head with no shortage of fun in sight.

Our big feature story is to start coverage on the Marx Airports. Rather than an exhaustive study that takes them all on, we wanted to take our time. This glittering adventure begins with the first Marx Airport, debuting during the Christmas season of 1960. The Marx No. 4810 International Jetport showed us just how glamorous air travel could be, with elegant new miniature creations beautifully profiling the sleek 707 and four engine Turbo Prop Airliners, the most sophisticated way to travel ever devised. Here you’ll tour the Marx Airport Terminal, visit the hangars where all the work is done, stroll the tarmacs to see the fantastic new military aviation available in this set. You’ll greet your fellow travelers, diminutive yet graceful denizens of the Marx Jetport.
Watch as those huge jetliners approach the terminal for service by strange new vehicles that dart in and out of taxiways, bringing baggage and needed deliveries of fuel. Over there you’ll gaze in awe at towering radar and search light equipment, and see the huge portable generators that help the engines “wind up” in their mighty power to take to the air. And the magic is, all this takes place behind the scenes, never perceived by the average traveler. This is a world you get to experience yourself, and there’s more to come on this subject.
And now, we want to let you know a new Marxman has surfaced, Richard Irwin. Richard Irwin worked at the Marx offices at 200 Fifth Avenue for years, mostly as an assistant to Cliff Freeland (Cliff invented the “store display” board concept) and Richard was brought on to help him in the many capacities Cliff also filled. He knew Louis Marx and personally helped Cliff make the factory demonstrators and has a lot of fabulous stories to tell. We are working on a story with Richard to appear in a future issue.
Then, we dot the ‘I’s’ and cross the T’s on our series on Marx Service Stations with the final installment taking you all the way to the last stations on record for the company we have come to call Louie’s House, the world’s largest toy maker. Louis Marx invested vast amounts of time in getting these just the way he wanted them, and it seems for the last hurrah they designed something new and re-released some classical favorites, enough that every kid would be satisfied. And that’s awesome, because for our last full dip into the oil well of Gas Stations we want to make sure you are filled to the high mark. That’s why we take you into the pages of the Marx catalog that carried these gems of service, along with expert analysis from the folks that know them best. And with that we finally, definitely finish our epic five-issue exploration of America’s Service Stations, bringing that story to its fitting finale.

True to form, we like to add even more into the mix. This time we turn to source of all that oil and select a very rare Marx Prehistoric set into to an already speedy mix! That’s right, and it arrives in the form of a reader who is exploring this set for the first time, finding his way through it bag by bag. It is a very interesting approach, and in the end you’ll know every single item, plant and dino contained in this small but very valuable playset. Next month brings Halloween, and we hope your spooky little bags get filled to the brim with sweet things and happiness. That holiday is now a real boomer, and to help out, we’ve got a bit of the ol’ fright as we check out the expanded new War of the Worlds set up by Joseph Svec.
September means the Old Toy Soldier Show at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Schaumburg, Illinois – about 20 miles this side of the great lake city of Chicago. We drop what we are doing and get ourselves there for five days of entertainment, visiting with friends, copious amounts of playsets available to browse and purchase, and of course we ourselves bring back issues, DVDs, show what they look like, and this time, there’s something brand new that we are very proud of. This time, we are packing the new reference and entertainment book: Fort Apache - King of the Playsets. And we’re looking forward to seeing everyone as well as selecting a few coveted bargains from among the wealth of sets, accessories and figures and other toys that are sure to be available there.
This is also the time the collector community turns out to support a favorite charity, Shop With A Cop is the catchy name of an outfit that is dedicated to getting gifts into the hands of poor children who otherwise have no Christmas to receive or to give their families. Let me ask you to make a point of looking up Mike Kutnick, our favorite elf, who coordinates the gathering of funds and givable Christmas gifts for those kids right here in the halls of the OTS show. We know you give, won’t you please find a way to give “a little more” and help out this charity. We here at Playset Magazine can verify they are one of the good ones. Now to help you out if you are new to the show, we have an “OTSN Primer” this very issue. A fun little piece put together by Carl Cwiklinsk.

If you have questions or need specifics about the show, call the PM offices (719) 634-7430,
or Don Pielin or Steve Sommers. Help and answers are that close.

We hope to see you there, and let me also take the time to thank you for making this publication
a part of your lives and collections. A lot of people put enormous effort into bringing it to you cover-to-cover and we take great satisfaction in presenting their work and greatest gift of themselves to you in every single issue. Many thanks – Rusty Kern, Publisher

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