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Fabulous Space Ranger! Plus Spacemen from Italy,
Ideal Futuramic Spaceship and more

Space Ranger

This dynamic, orbital space ship by Marx came with a host of accessories and spacemen, aliens, and two other ships. Plus Atomic Bombs to drop, flying saucers to explode, and that soft whirring noise your parents can hear from your bedroom meant it was FLYING and you were in full control. The ship comes in a huge box making a tremendous impact for Christmas. This issue it gets its rightful respect as we cover all things Space Ranger, but we left room for all sorts of other cool stuff.

Marx playset accessories showed up on TV from time to time during the golden era, and Jim Trever snagged some great shots of Marx space stuff used in a great black and white TV series and we have it this issue! Also there are photos and a report on a very rare Marx frontier building.

And speaking of frontier, we have Gary Carlington's "wowee!" update on the Alternative Western Towns story with some more great mint boxed items I know you are going to love.

Describing the horrifying attack of alien war machines onto our planet, H. G. Well's War of the Worlds has been popular since Mignot made his early metal soldiers in France, and we have reader Joseph Svec's diorama PLUS the original, terrifying Mignot diorama photographed by Mark Young.

The latest Texas Toy Show coverage is here too, by our man with boots on the ground, Mike Kutnick who now takes the time to report all the news and goodies , complete with full color photos -- resplendent with cool new and vintage sets! King and Country is the sponsor of this great show, and a very popular advertiser on our pages as well.

We were all at the great Marx Convention at Wheeling, West Virginia, making new friends, nabbing up some great items;and selling out of everything we brought (or could bring, on the plane) -- plus pouring over some mighty fascinating Marx factory documents with our good friend George Kroll and talking with Francis and Jason Turner at the delightful special events at the Marx Museum, like the premier of Glenn Ridenour's new DVD which all get coverage this issue. We had scheduled the Marx Mystery Spaceship this issue as well, for that extra "kick" of Marx Space material.

But after the convention we went to Gettysburg PA for the events leading up to the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. We did ride horses across the battlefield with a superb guide --

These people are completely involved in the battle and can make it come alive right in front of your face, no matter how much reading and study you have done, in a very thrilling way. I felt electrified the whole time, but never more so than sitting atop a very special rock on Little Round Top. It was there, 25 years to the day later, that I asked Kath to marry me, and wow, she did! It seemed as if time had hardly moved since then.
Being at Gettysburg for four days was, I must say, like an insane injection of something in our blood. We both came away super inspired, so much so that we just had to add something Civil War into this issue -- it led to fresh new coverage of two mint Marx Miniature Blue & Gray Armies sets. We have mentioned these in the past, but never completely covered Marx’ HO Civil War, much less having two MIB sets to compare for you. So this story premieres as our biggest Sesquicentennial feature yet, and the setting for the photos is Devil’s Den. Mystery Spaceship will reschedule!
In another first of significance we present the only comprehensive article ever written about Italian space figures by our friend and colleague Mark Young. He’s wanted to do this for a long time because some of the figures shown (such as those made by Alpia) have never been pictured in any publication before, another first. We welcome him to these pages for such an important task. So this is a loaded Space issue, with lots of variety, and we cant forget those truly great ads in the section reserved to help YOU grow your collection! Please participate with these dealers; they really help keep the hobby and our publication growing and need your kind attention. Plus Christmas is coming, so start circling some of those terrific deals to tell Santa about!

Thanks to everyone who called about the fires that burned 500 homes last month. The fire consumes a ton of trees about a half hour away from us, and within moments it began attacking homes, lots of them. This time, it claimed two lives, a couple in a garage with car doors open, loading their belongings in the garage. They just couldn't get out in time. And while we were spared yet again, we could go to the edge of the mesa overlooking the city, and just beyond, the fires, and you could tell from the colors in the smoke that it was ravaging everything in sight. We feel for the families who struggle with the aftermath, but had an opportunity to talk to several of them and it seems that this time the insurance companies are pretty much taking care of everything with little incident. Thanks to each of you who called to check up on us; we're fine!


We revisit an all-time classic for the holidays, The Rin Tin Tin Story! We can't wait to see you on our pages, which are at the printers now getting the special treatment and should mail on the 25th like always.

Thanks folks and GREAT HUNTING! - Rusty Kern

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