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The excitement of a blast off, the adventure into space of the 50th anniversary of the First Man to Orbit the Earth, John Glenn's fantastic, hurtling flight to orbit the Earth!

So here it is, the 50th Anniversary of the soaring flight of Friendship 7, that boldly painted space capsule manned by an American astronaut, constructed for the world’s first actual voyage through limitless space.

On February 20, 1962 Project Mercury’s Friendship 7 lifted off the pad at Cape Canaveral atop an Atlas rocket with John H. Glenn, Jr., aboard, the first man in to orbit the Earth, through sunrises and sunsets every 45 minutes, three times around our increasingly small planet. It was the first time a pilot actually flew his ship in that great void, 200 miles above our heads in the vast darkness of space. It blew minds to realize the space age was truly upon us, we were actually there, and it was that event that put us forever ahead of the Russians too.

Commemorating the event is our unique, world-first coverage of a rare, expensive 1961 Marx Cape Canaveral at center stage. It made a bit of history itself, being purchased last April 19th for $1,423 in a war between 14 bidders on eBay; shortly after that, a complete Captain Gallant was traded for it so it could appear on these pages.


Also here are more rare prototypes from that Ferriot discovery featured last issue, only this time, it comes to you courtesy Francis Turner and features Johnny Ringo’s Twin. It’s legitimately very rare because these are handmade; only one can be used to produce the mold. That means the other is a rare, unproduced prototype, most likely with intriguing differences. But which one? We’ve provided all the evidence for you to choose.

And then there’s a Big Space Bonus! Jim McGough returns with an “extra helping” of space toys on the really cool pages of the Toy Yearbook, a 1958 publication sent to retailers to help them restock their empty shelves after the big holiday rush. If you are like us, you’ll spend some quality time perusing these vintage catalog pages! Adding to the Space Fun is yet another rarely seen Cape set, and a great Miller Safari Figures update.
We'll see you "OUT THERE! and until then, KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES!

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