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Issue 55 The Lone Ranger Rides Again - in Playset Magazine

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Shipping promptly on December 28th will be our fine new issue on an all-time hero:

It’s 1949 and The Lone Ranger is the biggest news in radio. Kids are thrilled that new episodes will soon be showing on the new medium of television, in glorious refreshing black and white. The Cavendish Gang jumps him; an Indian becomes his friend, and the wronged are ever again avenged by the masked man.

Journey back to a time when the thrills are real, the good guys wear a white hat and live by a code; When children are not subjected to garbage but to quality on TV and the Marx Company couldn't get these sets out fast enough to please the public! You'll learn all the minutia of the Lone Ranger sets, examine the many scales of figures used, enjoy lots of extras and stories about the cereal premiums, plus:

Strategic Air Command part II:

Here are factory records, set instructions, official classification cards and much more. It’s a SAC attack! Also:

On the Warpath:

The Scalping Indian mystery by Kent Sprecher - The Hackensack Show report by Betty Ford - EXCLUSIVE! Barzso’s new Fort examined and Paragons second set of Apaches reviewed! Plus:

Hobby and industry news, predictions on the future of the hobby, - DioDrama, - MediaWatch and much much more. - Classified ads, new production ads, - and lots of colorful reading fun for Winter!

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