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Issue 47: The Stuart Story!

What an issue! It's a real combo too --

First off is the conclusion to our multi year project to chronicle the Marx Farm sets. This time we look at the huge changes -- not always good and plenty of bad - that took place in the line from 1965 to 1972. Like 'em or not, here's your chance to put a real cap on the entire three part series (Issue 18 Farms of the 50's, Issue 46 farms of the 60's Part One, and this one)we started five years ago -- PM always keeps its promises.  There's loads of color and some very special non-Marx playsets to be seen to -- like Auburn farms, MPC, Hardy and T. Cohn -- so its a real harvest extravaganza and you're all invited once again down on the farm!

Next, it's an OTSN primer for the internationally famous toy soldier show (and our vacation home away from home) with a full list of what to bring, what to do and what to wear (Hawaiian shirts!). There's also a story about attending.

Also here is an eye-witness account of the actual moment the good ol' flat plastics changed to the waxier style by Chicago collector (and attorney) Marc Gaynes. This is one account of the vintage Marx playset you do not want to miss, because we have sent figures to a special lab to determine if there was enough lead in children to actually have been concerned and to justify the new law. That report is coming in the following issue courtesy Tom Stark.

But the most fun you can have in vintage toys is finding something new and relatively available to heap love on, and we propose you take a scan of our terrific second feature (and the subject of our cover) "The Stuart Story."  This is the debut article by Lizabeth West and there's a ton of colorful packaging and retro Fifties color to behold. We think you'll like this one to the point of freshening up your collection with an all-new hunt!

Stuart Toys

For reviews we have Barzso's Guns of the Alamo, the Lewes oddity figure, Marx Memory, a flurry of pre-Christmas ads, and even an update on our newest releases, the Atomic DVD entitled "The Space Sets," and our new book on the epic Marx story, "Marx: Toy Kings. "

The new DVD is just being released in stellar color with loads of updated or all-new material, plus the all-digital revitalization of the existing and some bonus chapter material, too. Total length is over an hour now (about 20% new video!) for the same price as always, $19.95.

We are really, really excited about the new book. It will tell the story of the development of the Marx playset from the earliest days at the firm, Louis' climb to the top of the toy world, and how luck, chance, and the hiring of a diverse team (Ed Hjelte, Frank Rice) led to the explosion in the mid-fifties of playsets. Once again, this book is profusely illustrated, with some really rare and never before published shots, and uses Louis Marx' personal scrapbooks to introduce startling, all new information. For instance, he nearly left the company before he could even produce playsets! There are many wonderful and humorous scenes and we're really proud of the way it turned out. Volume II is already written and we hope will follow shortly. So please, put this one on your Christmas lists. It is the culmination of ten years of research and will fire your passion on the subject like never before.

Thanks a lot for your kind interest; we'll see you on the pages of PM!

Rusty Kern

$13.95 (includes s/h)

$15.95 (includes s/h)

$19.95 (includes s/h)

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