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Issue 46: Farm Sets of the Sixties!

Escape with us Down to the Farm and leave your troubles behind as we chronicle the implements, changes, people and animals that populate these incredible recreations of life. Everywhere there’s abundance, growth and good honest work to be done as our Big harvest issue delves into a fabulous era of some of the most magnificent sets Marx ever produced:

The Farms of the Sixties!

You'll watch in awe as the giant platform farm developes into behemoth sets – See exactly how Marx imitates Life and get the lowdown on all the great sets, large and small; the figures, animals, accessory groups and learn exactly what goes where with those partial sets in the basement!

This goes way beyond our usual reportage and you do not need to have the farms of the 50’s issue to enrich your knowledge. All the great Marx Platform Sets 1960-1964

New Silos! . . . New Conveyors! . . . Friction Trucks & Harvester! . . . Crop Duster Airplane Sets!

The greatest experts on Marx Farm Sets all gathered for one giant, over-sized issue!

T Cohn, Robber Baron of Marx Farms - You’ll thrill to the tiniest details, right down to the kernels of ears of new corn PLUS all these great features:

T. Cohn rips off Marx farms – Will there be a Trial?
Ohio Art Clones Marx and you need to know!
Is it worth it to buy old movies on this expensive new media ? - Our Blu-Ray media report concludes!
Captain Gallant Update
Nike Missiles Comparison
Reviews of TSSD’s New Sioux Warriors
Westons’ Magnificent 7
Undersea Creatures revenge
New Hobby Bunker Recasts – essential news!
Barzso’s Blockhouse Over The Gate
Custer at Gettysburg
The Gettysburg Show News

Our own editorials, classified and display ads, more! 15 pages on the Marx farm Sets – more in depth reporting than ever before! 7 Mint In Box contents lists!

We also have news on the video and DVD front! Volume 8 The Space Sets is being released with this issue!

Thank you all for stopping in and we'll see you down on the farms this issue!

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