You had your Childhood - Now Get It Back!

Issue 28 Marx Construction Camp & TV Trucks-

Its summer and with the holiday travel we all experience, we celebrate the construction of Eisenhower's Interstate Freeway System with the Marx #4444 Construction Camp, a very special set (and notably, the only playset in the Marx lineup to have all four digits of it's number the same -- you'll see why this issue!)

We also roll up a big haul of nostalgia with The TV Trucks story by Scot Peacock -- those fabulous early days when a truck with a TV antenna, ladders, and big shiny tubes arrived at your house so you could watch your favorite shows on a nice clear TV. Yes, there were sets of these and no, we don't often do stories about trucks and cars, but trust us, you'll like this one!

Just as colorful, is the Marx Line Truck special color feature courtsy the Demo Man himself, George Kroll, who's demostrator display of this beauty will have your eyes jumping with joy. Its the only set we've seen to include the 3" linemen figures.

You can also find complete listings of the Construction Camps, news features and lots of ads. Well, not as many as last issue, because its summer and everyone is out on the highways going to lakes, or to see friends and family. But your PM staff is right here, working away for you for some cool summer reading.

Therefore, we offer newsy reviews too! There's Long Coat Union Civil War from TSSD, Barzso's new Pack Train (cute little mules and armed Mexican escort) the roarig new Alamo Thatched Roof Building from Classic Toy Soldiers, and quite a bit more if we do say so.

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