You had your Childhood - Now Get It Back!

Issue 22 - Summer Vacation Issue!

You've been working hard, so let PM take you on that vacation back to the early 60's and Disneyland! We've got Eight Big Stories for you this issue, starting with a miniaturized visit to the Marx Disneyland Playsets on the centerfold! We've examined several mint sets to try to figure out the variations for you.

BIG PLUS THIS ISSUE! An interview with Mr. Eddy Fury. Eddy worked at Marx from the late 40's until the company closed, and in between being the office boy and a salesman for the company, he was actually the one sent out by Louis Marx to purchase competitors toys! Hes's got some very funny stories to tell you.

Next, there has been a sub-collector group, since way back, of a speedy, elegant and smooth toy Disneyland Monorail system
by Schuco. You'll get a crash course in this highly desireable collectible-- and maybe stimulate your interest, too.

Here's more!

- Remco's Movieland Drive-In Theater
- Fantastic Plastic with Jack Rossman

And, we'd like to direct you to a memorable Marx Memory column this issue, featuring lots of good vintage Christmas
photos and personal memories of a Playset - filled childhood. Perfect to cool off those hot summer nights.

Join us in this festive Summer Blast from your friends at
Playset Magazine!

Hubley's retro-futuristic airplane squadron. This set is so elegant and eye-catching it has to be in color!

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