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Issue 18 - Marx Farm Sets! SOLD OUT

FARMS!! of the Fifties

Playset Magazine's farm draught ends with Issue 18, our "Home For The Holidays" issue. You'll go home to the farm for a hard-core harvest of information on what was in these sets and how they developed through the decade of the Fifties, from little "family" farms with quaint two tone, hard plastic accessories into the behemoth Platform sets with professional farm "workers", new implements and vast array of accessories.

What's WRONG with this beautiful farm?
Those cupolas on the roof are from a later date and are incorrect-
You'll see and know more after PM18 THE FARMS OF THE FIFTIES!

We're also making a cruise with MPC's Torpedo Attack PT boat, MPC Rescue Raft, and the dynamite Tales of Wells Fargo Western Town demonstrator Board from the demo Man himself, George Kroll. There's a battle for dominance between Americans and Italians for in the HO market reported by Tom Stark

Plus these new goodies just in time for Christmas:

Barzso's New Braddock's Defeat
Conte's New Series II Confederates
Conte's New Union
CTS New Horse Drawn Artillery (six horse cannon/limber/caissons!)
Our Annual Old Toy Soldier Show report

Plus lots of ads this time! so you can get your "Wish Lists" filled out -- it's a real Down Home Christmas and we hope you'll join us.

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