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Issue 15 (May - Jun 2004): Giant ALAMO Special!
Playset Magazine This Giant Alamo Spectacular is a one-of-a-kind jam-packed Alamo issue -- includes:

The Marx 1960 "John Wayne" Alamo

Ideal Alamo bagged set and Marx Alamo bagged Set

Marx HO Alamo and Experimental Alamo

Alamos by BMC

Classic Toy Soldiers

Alamo-specific figures from Conte, Britains, more.

Click here for online reviews of the new Alamo Movie!-
A review of the new Alamo books. Interviews with Frank Thompson who covered filming Disney's new Movie and a special section on Alamo Dioramas from collectors all over the country including the world's most accurate 25' foot long creation by Tom Feely and a miniaturized, brick-by-brick reconstruction of John Wayne's Alamo movie set! This one will have you gaping in amazement and delight.


Special Offers this issue include: buy 3 get 1 FREE Alamo Mexican Figures bagged set from Classic Toy Soldiers. Magnificent Mexican infantry come in many colors. A great way to build up you Alamo armies while saving money. You MUST CALL CTS to receive this offer and MENTION PM ad Call ( 913) 451-9456 (not available on the website)

Frank Thompsons Making of the Alamo Movie book has beautiful coverage of the movie; his Alamo Novel is based on the screenplay. Get free shipping when you buy both from Frank direct - visit details

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