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Issue 13 (Jan - Feb 2004): THE VIKINGS!
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The Viking Invasion has begun and they're coming from all over Europe, the US and Asia! Timpo, Marx 60mm, GoldMarx, Elastolin, Giant, and many more attacking castles with the most gruesome of weaponry: axes, hatchets, broadsword, mace, catapult, trbuchet; they're on horseback and foot and they come right at you, closeup and in detail with PM ISSUE 13!

In response to many readers requests, we offer the first of our Marx Service Station sets coverage with a dandy: The Mid Town 4 - Level Service Center - IN COLOR!

We are indebted to Jim McGough, Rick Eber, Tom Stark and many others for providing some real "get down" color
Viking Centerspread coverage this issue!

Plus we have an indepth review of Barzso's tremendous new AZTECS AND CONQUISTADORES.
Rather than give away all the fun, we thought we'd show you what three sets put together looks like!

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