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As the weather warms up we have some go-swimmin’ underwater stories, our Training Center coverage continues, news and several all-new features (like the 2-page-2 Shot!)

The final installment of our Marx Vertical Playsets coverage arrives in Scott Canady’s Undersea Adventure this issue! The Undersea Adventure’s evocative sets have their own underwater environment, caves, and a floating legendary sea trawler topside that lowers cages and Sea Crawlers that required some “deep thought” on the part of Scott, who has done Yoeman’s job on this series bringing it to its conclusion this issue. Hats off to Scott and to Glenn Ridenour for the storytelling of Marx in its later years in this never before told saga.

Also this issue we present Part 11 of the Training Center story, concentrating on the pivotal 1954-55 transition to Armed Forces sets. Part 3 will probably fill the following issue (PM 130) as our coverage expands to complete this theme. Who knows, maybe more. And more there is this issue. Along with the meat and potatoes, there’s plenty of well deserved vintage plastic "desert".

Starting this issue is a limited feature we’re calling ‘Two Shots” -- photos filling two Pages – which we have been quietly gathering that were sent in by you, dear readers. To qualify the photos had to be shot with a camera large enough to cover two page photo spread (most newer cell phones do this, and even those 5-6 years old…) because some of you are doing epic work that we want to showcase in special centerspread style and we can’t wait to share them. These are shot at “full” or “largest” image size their camera/phones offer. This time we return to the battlefield of German VS American armor and thousands of armed infantry for the world’s biggest Tank Battle scene......I think.

Francis Turner looks at the rarest of the Marx 6” cavemen, and in a Rev Fest Ron Barzso’s fort stands in for the real thing (though we can hardly tell the difference sometimes) in John Verna’s Assault and George Kroll’s Rev War Factory display photo features.

Plus, you’ll see the announcement on our back cover -- We have lightly updated our Marx Alamo book, not nearly as extensively as the Fort Apache Ultimate, but it has some new sets that appeared in recent Playset Magazine stories, a new cover and freshening up plus about 20 pages of collector dioramas all in one place. Purists will want it but folks who already have the original do not need to purchase this one. The updated Alamo book is now available in our “Book Store” – There’s nothing earth quaking about this specific update, just a good cleaning up and some new info so if you already have the existing Alamo book, you do not need this one. But if you don’t, we think this would be a great time to order it. It comes at the same price, no price increase, and is, given the cost of books these days, a great value. You can pick it up right here on this website, just click on the books tab Jim has provided.

Folks, don’t forget to check the dates of the Toy Shows that are just around the corner – this issue carries lots of toy show ads and all the current information on dates and places. Please, pick one or a couple and mark that calendar! You’ll also find lots of toy seller’s ads on these pages.

Until then, we hope there’s something for every one of our fraternity this issue.

Stay safe folks, it’s easy, just sit back and relax and—Great Hunting!

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