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The newest issue of Playset Magazine is about to leave the pressroom and sail into mailman’s delivery bags all over the nation as we celebrate the 78th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima with the tremendous Marx Vertical Set, “Giant Iwo Jima Mountain”.

It is the only attempt to recreate Suribachi in plastic plus the cannons, interior rooms and elevator (magnificent, when you think about it really), and opposing forces. And as history as consultant Glenn Ridenour’s archives reveal, the entire mountain concept was actually begun with the title, “Caves of Iwo Jima”! We owe it all to Scott Canady who’s continuing persistence and love of these sets is corralling all the big details and small minutiae for collectors to devour and treasure many years to come.

You may know by now the Chicago Toy Soldier Show (OTSN) has ended, shutting its doors apparently forever. We have been hearing late breaking scuttle – and that’s all it is as of this writing – rumblings of some enterprising collectors and dealers who may try to replace the show with another.

It has been revealed however, that the challenge of getting room trading all on one floor, or several floors, with rooms grouped together into “toy streets” of adventure and delight, those days are pretty much done. Hotel management is trained to accept a card and hand over a room key, but not to arrange grouped rooms and the increasing lobby parties, events and so forth that was the trademark of this legendary show. This issue we also feature:

  • Britain’s Swoppets Knights in roaring battle color,
  • Neat–O tin litho Hamburger Stand playset and Grocery Store (yes, both are vintage!) and what we are calling – for now
  • the Banzai Line of Marx 3” Japanese !
  • The big reveal this issue – and there are several in Scott and Glenn’s Iwo Jima piece, is a vintage...
  • Marx Country Store!

It’s all right here and more.

Thanks for checking in and especially for making Playset Magazine a part of your collection!

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