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Our big Christmas Issue is in the mails, delivery should be during the first week of December!

Take a look at our cover -- This is a Colossal! Gigantic! Exciting theme of the Marx Skyscraper, a true Modern Marvel of the 1950’s for you to escape to and take a complete tour of! It is electrified with operating elevator, rising up through the floors, it is lighted, and has a bell! You’ get to briefly meet the designer and metallurgist who brought this towering giant to fruition, then take the complete tour to learn the secret of its several variations.

There’s a mysterious connection between the Marx Skyscraper and Marx Superman and the Superman TV series from the 1950’s. It’s one of the great mysteries that we delve into, but the fantastic pose Marx made of the Superest Super hero ever was created, then apparently never used, and now resides in the hands of a lucky few individuals scattered throughout the country. Maybe 5 Marx Superman Figures exist but you’ll get a closeup right here on the pages of our Christmas Edition courtesy George Kroll.

Then we bring you some of the Skyscraper mint in box opening by Rick Eber and Craig Remington as part of the Chicago Toy Soldier Show, which we also tour! Wow – it’s the complete Birth – to – Legend cycle for this greatest of all Marx tin litho creations.

And how could we not introduce you to one of the true legends of 50’s toy design, Mr. Myron Fleishman! As our guest author – and Mr. Fleishman’s daughter Evelyn Villanova takes us out to visit the Public Works of Renwal – the great Panama Canal toy that really floats boats on water through the locks (!), and the colorful and great Renwal Drawbridge, a super cool toy with gears and knobs that really work. Pass the Fire Engine over the river during its emergency run! See the variations and original packaging in our exclusive coverage, get some background history of the firm, and glimpse Mr. Fleishman at work at Marx’ Glen Dale factory!

Wheel yourself on a breezy fun drive down the Holiday Turnpike, and visit the 1950’s Downtown at Christmas, and we reveal a couple recommendations for your Christmas shopping. These dazzling (and I do mean dazzling) creations will thrill co
urtesy Larry and Elnora Nokes and dio-wizard Mike Tiemann.

Various departments This Issue include our Cleaning column “How To Remove Rust” from valued tin litho, and some spotlights on New Toy Soldiers -- the Headless Horseman, a Rev War era British Launch with new seated figures these from LOD and MicShaun’s Closet (TSSD) and more!

Losses and Sick Bay

I am sad to add that Vicki Johns contacted us to say her husband Eric Johns, creator of the Wild West website, has died after a long battle with ALS... awful loss to his family and our condolences.

In sick bay bu battling back are the dynamic duo of Mike Holverson and Marc Gaynes. Both fellows are attorneys in the Chicago area but most well - known as the Fort Dearborn vintage toy soldier sales. They suffered different afflictions but both say they are on their way to improvement. These guys are long time honored friends of PM and in fact were the very first guys to say, “You gotta do this magazine” when Tom Terry relented publishing his PFPC – twenty some odd years ago. So you know we are pulling for them.


East Coast Toy Soldier Show has been canceled for 2022, that's 3 years in a row now, according to an update from Mike Poko.

MORPHY AUCTION RESUTS - Whats great about this is that you see what the real, current price is for today’s collectible offerings. 100’s of mostly first quality playsets were bought, learn the true prices paid here!

Hershel Williams, the last surviving GI Medal of Honor winner from WWII, has passed away. “He was a Flamethrower guy who repeatedly had his fuel tanks changed in a 4-hour battle on Iwo Jima,” reports Biff Smith. Actor Henry Silva died September 14, 2022 at age 95 in Woodland Hills, CA of natural causes. Famous for The Manchurian Candidate and 100’s of TV episodes like Wagon Train and The Untouchables, Henry was the last surviving cast member of the original “Oceans 11”.

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