You had your Childhood - Now Get It Back!

Issue 121 is on the way!

Its a bit ahead of schedule to account for the Memorial Day holidays at the end of the month and the mail handler thought it would be good to get a head start.

This issue dive in with The Frogmen, those soft plastic commandos and underwater fighters of the U.S. and other navies we had as kids. Marx, Kellogg’s and Palmer, Ideal, Remco, Hing Fat, Britains and more Frogmen & Divers, original packaging are represented!

The biggest news this issue is a Newly Discovered "new" vintage Marx Alamo! Follow along as Mike Handleys discovery gets a boost from the recent discovery of its original ad!, and the two are compared.

You'll also thrill Thrill to More Giant Sets, a continuation of a two part story of those tiny but very popular sets on bright blister cards that appeared just about everywhere in the early to late 1960s. These are all mint sets that were recently added to our complete listing from issue 47.

Next, those colorful plastic boats of our youth set sail for tour of the Harbor Launch sets by Ideal. These nautical beauties will thrill with their detail and craftsmanship. I just saw an Alcatraz escape movie with the great George Raft. In it, the goons search for him in just these same boats with rifles and machine guns. So for fun in and out of the water, its Ideal Harbor Patrol & Ideal Police Boats of early 50’s!

You want more plastic fun and you got it! This issue there's Ed Bearnson's review of the Mars Panzer Crew... as you know, Marx is from the Ukraine and has been struggling a bit because of the war so let's show 'em all the help we can give... Hobby Bunker, Toy Soldier HQ and MicShaun's all carry these finely made toy soldiers. Get a box today and make a difference!

This issue is also your ticket to visit Craig’s Paradise, a most unusual facility for Marx Playsets, and hitch a ride to visit you friends and a new surge in youth at the Lafayette Toy Soldier show!

PM offers you more plastic, more ways, all the time! Thanks for reading -

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