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ISSUE 118: Marx Untouchables, Freight Terminal, and More!
Dear Friends and plastic gangsters, as your little criminals head back to school and you warm up your tommy guns for action it is time once again for a festival of toy nourishments as we plunge head-first into the euphoria that was youth mashing one playset with another; the fun of setting up the way you wanted, with none of the boundaries of what came with which set. The freedom

Heresy? We say not this time, as we feature Eliot Ness and the Untouchables at the Freight Terminal, blasting away eye-to-eye as Capone’s men get caught flat-footed with the Black Birds and the Dots and Wrigley’s. Spare me a Beeman’s and get out of the line of fire will ya! And we see a construction camp Quonset hut in Alaska, sled dogs with plastic planes, all sorts of craziness. Well, actually, it’s just a little fun, brought on by reader Ralph Waespe’s brief story of integrating plastics for the fun of it. But there’s lots more!

Follow the history of those underrated destroyers the Tim-Mee Tanks, from inception right to the present with Tim-Mee Tank Battle complete with some great photos!

Plus, PM’s Guide to Tim-Mee GI’s! Here at last, all those classic 50’s troops together in one spot assembled by Kent Sprecher for you, complete with catalog pages.

Our second big feature are the Marx 60mm Pirates in color groups, folks now this is just sheer plastic panic as we offer complete sets in their original vivid colors, something we’ve never done before. “It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen matching sets of Marx 60mm Pirates,” says Museum Curator Francis Turner. And we have ‘em right here in the most vivid photos imaginable

But hurry, you’ve been invited by the Queen herself to “Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation”, a Marx 60mm figure special. Plus pass in review for the Queen’s Own Guards. Pause if only for a moment to gaze upon sheer plastic perfection of this royal review.

We know you can’t get enough and we’d never leave you panting for more so here it is! Our PM Complete Review of those vivid, awesome dimestore offerings, the beautiful display cards with complete sets of Marx three-inch Western Cowboys, 3” Indians, 3” Combat Soldiers, and 3” Construction Workers -- a short article but such fantastic plastic!

But that’s not all. Like any good TV offering we say, “Wait – There’s More”! With the subtle, but not complete lifting of the pandemic’s scourge, brave denizens of plastic met at select toy show venues, the Wheeling and Ohio Toy Shows and we mark the events with full color pictures and text from those who were there! Were you? Find out this plastic-packed issue because it’s all arriving in your mailboxes exactly on time, shipping August 25th and comfortably right on schedule just for you!

Next issue, we’re returning to the days of the Old West on TV with Tales of Wells Fargo and much more!

Take care, and don’t underestimate this Delta/Covid-19 stuff folks!

Wishing you more toy fun than you can possible handle

Rusty and Kathy

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