You had your Childhood - Now Get It Back!

JUST LIKE THAT, IT’S OUR 20TH YEAR AND WE’RE BACK picking up the Christmas wrappers and trying to work off the fabulous holiday meals. We’re so glad to see you and welcome you, plastic patriots of the plastic fraternity, to this, our 20th year of producing Playset Magazine. 20 years of on-the-nose delivery, never late, never delayed, never an excuse. We thank you all!


We celebrate the stellar coming release of our new book, Battlegrounds & WWII, the newest and by far most exhaustive study of Marx WWII sets from 1963 - 1984. More than 200 + pages of pure plastic playset joy bursting with 100’s of color photos, factory records, box art, instruction sheets, everything that does WWII the Playset Magazine way! It comes in the deluxe hard cover and soft cover versions and shipping in March!


Our solution keeps everything going right on into the future from our most recent printer problem. For details, see page 8 -- then just fuggetaboudit, sit back with us as the issues keep coming. In the end, talking with our staff and contributors, we’ve decided to overcome the huge cost increases we’ve been absorbing by extending our cover dates to three months, going to 4 issues per year, plus the books and DVDs -- but the magazine will continue to deliver fantastic plastics and Atomic Age toys and playsets as always. It’s important to keep your subscriptions current and tell others you know to subscribe.


This issue we celebrate Audie Murphy’s “Medal of Honor” fight, on the occasion of its 76th anniversary. This is a sprawling battle diorama featuring the German attack of 200 men and 6 tanks on a lone American soldier’s position on a smoking Tank Destroyer. It was just 76 years ago Audie single-handedly blasted them into submission and retreat. How did he do it? One possibility is in Ed Bodwell’s interesting story! Plus! We also have a great multi page second feature, the Marx No. 5959 “Little Centennial” set, No. 5959. It is the set most people thought the large Centennial should be, with two sets of Centennial/medical soldiers one in blue, one in gray. They are often found in this set in beautiful colors, too. This issue it gets the center-spread feature treatment to bring back all those Christmas memories of being sprawled on the floor, happily passing the hours with two exciting armies.

• NOW, WE ALL KNOW Audie’s aim was not just good, it was deadly perfect and Greg Urbach challenges your aim with the Golden Age of Keystone Target Sets, the imaginative boxed sets covered for the first time on our pages. I know I have seen them at toy shows, and lots of us have been attracted to these colorful sets, now we get the details and lowdown on their years of release, use and contents.

• Gunfight at OK Corral – great color photos.

• Westward the Women – see female plastic western figures.


20 years ago we began Playset Magazine; and we can’t wait for the next twenty of playset and plastic toy goodness with you, dear readers, so - We hope you are all safe keeping out of the way of any COVID issues, and keep those collections growing!

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