You had your Childhood - Now Get It Back!

This issue we celebrate the end of World War II, 75 years ago in May, 1945. With this issue, “War’s Over! Let’s Play!” we begin a year’s worth of celebrating, starting with the release of our new book, Battlegrounds and Combat Sets (1958-1963). It covers every Marx WWII set made during that era, with side trips to blister card sets, Marine Beachhead sets, Combat Training Centers and Combat Line toys, then lots more, all profusely illustrated with mint in box contents lists for every set and many center spread photos and graphics. It ends by showing the two great sets introducing Germans (D-Day and Army Combat) and just before the change to the new 32 figure GI mold groups. Over 500 wonderful world of toys out there, and many of them began their . . .

But I digress with the excitement! This issue is a varied and unusual assortment of glorious and unusual plastics – the stuff dreams were built on. Here you will find Ideals Aircobra P-39 set; Marx delights, beautiful vintage ads from Saunders, Lido, toys of a thousand delights from Thomas and Ideal and many more.

But to get to these, you’ll have to get through the German Playsets for Hitler’s Youth – never before seen or published, these are cool, colorful, historical and excitingly terrifying all at the same time. You’ll see why when you dare to open these pages from before there was a World War II but you won’t forget it!

Actually, I remember seeing these at Chicago, laying on Mark Young’s inventory areas, and going berserk at the sight of them – German machine gun teams in gas masks about to slaughter their victims, entire artillery crews with Spitfire planes flying overhead, WWI German horse drawn artillery, this, I thought, is incredible. I bought a few pieces and showed them around and before long, everything was bought out but I must say, it was a one-time only offering and I am quite assured we will never see their likes again.

Also here is our review of the Midwest Toy Soldier Show and a better look at the new Austin Miniatures cowboys (to fill in and go with their prior excellent releases).

And a late but necessary review of the new, big screen movie Midway, which we saw before Christmas and loved very much because it is a return by Hollywood to a spectacular WWII movie style; absolutely glorious battle images and the story of how the Navy turned the tide of history perhaps saving America in a big, big way. I am hoping it is still in theaters somewhere for you to go see, if you haven’t yet.

Coming up, a new exploration of some cherished 1953 – 1963 treasures by T Cohn. These only need to be examined closely to get excited all over again in the glorious tin lithography and wonderful plastics of all the Superior forts: Fort Superior, Fort Comanche, Fort Cheyenne, Fort Davy Crockett. It’s all here, and I want to wave the signal flag at some very dauntless characters in the hobby who are making this happen: Tom Weiberg, Mike Ciccione, and a few more hobby stalwarts!

Thanks to everyone, and a bright Happy New Year to you all from webmaster Jim Clouse, the staff, writers, photographers in fact all of us at Playset Magazine! – Rusty Kern

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