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Take a deep sea splash with us in a dive to adventure with Remco’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Our goal: To discover for the first time, in one place, all Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea playsets, their contents and their boxes. And with 3 major catalog retailers – Sears, Montgomery Wards and JC Penney’s, plus the retail “Big Vue” cartons, we have some real undersea exploration ahead of us.

These sets were fantastic in their recreation of a working Seaview submarine, imaginative undersea vehicles to dredge up hidden treasure or fly underwater with bubble domes; and while all that is superior sci-fi they also have awesome, super packaging and you’ll see every single set right here on our pages, for the first time, with mint-in-box contents. And we think the results will surprise you, judging from the many, many improper sets we’ve witnessed during research. • When did they add the Sea Monsters? • Which sets had them? • Why didn’t every set have the skin divers?
You’ll also meet one of Remco’s sculptors, for the first time anywhere. We owe that to two fabulous new friends: Collector Tom Wilde, whose phone call alerted us to the existence of some Remco prototypes, and to Thaya Salamacha, the charming daughter of the heretofore unheralded sculptor. Thanks to them we can offer a glimpse into the workings and secrecy at Remco, as well as photos of the sculptor at work!

Marx Monsters of the Deep

Speaking of skin divers, Marx made a great one for a blister carded set named, ”Skin Diver and monsters of the Deep.” You got accessories, the diver, and eight beautifully done creatures from under the sea. In it’s PM debut we’ll explore the entire set, with the help of Teel Slike and a mint blister card, and Rush McAllister, all in this same issue. But there is (of course) MORE!


Kathy has a “Special” My Side based on a terrific Custer’s Last stand which she has titled, “Moments to Go for the 7th” with some great photos by collector Michael Weldon-Linne of that infamous, dust swirling, gun smoke and arrow-filled hill in Montana. It was a place we visited, you remember, and the feeling there of a heavy mournful sorrow and impending doom really stuck with er. Anyway, she pulled these shots and says, “Run ‘em big”.

Also this issue:

A Pecos figure display for their WWII combat GI’s

Photos of the Marx Civil War Caisson and Cannon model that we’ve shown before, only this time someone (Don Clayton) professionally assembled and photographed it, and man, it’s impressive!

In the boys’ room, you’ll see a vintage 60’s era setup of Mike Massingill’s Giant Blue and Gray. We can’t get enough of these vintage, you-are-there for a special moment photos, and this one has a brand new Blue & Gray all set up for our consummate viewing pleasure.


A surprise bonus article this issue is about the Nikes of Marx: That’s right, the ubiquitous Nike Missile and launcher finally comes into its own. Here’s the history of it, the sets it was in, how many in a set, and its ultimate metamorphosis into a much large launcher. Just a piece of Marx history that delights and surprises with colorful images of this venerable national defense.

Also here, Tom Stark’s review of Replicant’s Dragoons, and a parting shot of a group of collectors to provide that ever so warm human element that is so important to the hobby.

Thanks folks, and Welcome Aboard as we pipe aboard the admiral of seagoing sets, Remco’s incredible Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. You won’t need any other references for this toy once you have Issue 105 ion deck.

Thanks for joining us here at the PM Website, and for reading Playset Magazine!

– Kathy, Rusty & Jim Clouse (Webmaster)

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