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Issue 10 (Jul - Aug 2003): "Them what dies'll be the lucky ones."
Just in time for this summer's release of "Pirates of the Caribbean," Issue #10 hoists anchor to sail the Seven Seas of plastics adventure with:

The Ideal Pirate Ship
MPC Pirates
MPC Pirate Ship
Tim-Mee Pirates
Marx , Marx and more Marx pirates!
Plus Barzso Pirates

Conte's Alamo Set Number 3 reviewed by Jamie Delson

Converting Figures by Jamie Delson

Indianapolis Show Review by Mike Kutnick

For the first time ever: ALL of our Marx VIP's are in on the story: Frank Rice the playset designer, Charles Marx the advertising genius, Al Bagg the designer from 62 - 71; Bucky the factory GM and Sy Wane, the VP of Marx!

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$15.95 (includes s/h)

$19.95 (includes s/h)

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