Free Playset Forms
The following forms are free..

The concept of including information in your sets or toys was brought up in a recent issue. We promised to design something that could work in a variety of situations. Place inside the sets to help you remember pertinent details, and also to be there if needed by your spouse or family. They are fast and easy to use. It has been looked over and approved by several collectors who are already using them. You do not need to be a subscriber to print them out and use them.

Print out as many pages of these as you like. Then cut apart the forms.


1. Print the name & number of the playset in spaces provided.

2. Add the date of purchase if known, cost, and value (if you believe it to be different or in the case of having increased during your years of ownership).

3. Space is provided to check off if you believe the set is complete. Conversely, space is provided for details such as missing parts, stuff you are looking for to complete the set, or parts you added (note any cost if you didn’t account for it on the value space).

Add any “promised to” names. Then trim and include in the appropriate sets. 

Good luck and great hunting!

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