Original Cover Concept Final Cover
Notice our new revised final ultra complete cover? Not only has one of the feature stories changed, but the whole cover has changed also! We have been featuring the original art for the box as done by Floyd Chamberlain. But it turns out the art sent to us was "underscale" -- and would not reproduce well at all. (Those who understand the difference between 72 dpi and print-necessary spec of 300 dpi will understand perfectly.) So we had a change photo order underway in no time, using an original idea we had instead. In fact, the shot we eventually used is rather what we wanted (with official NASA Moon images from back in 1963) before we decided that Chamberlain's art was a better choice.

And the missing feature? It is David Schafer's fantastic story on the Ideal Futuramic Flying Saucer! But there's good news: we have so many great images of this excruciatingly rare item that we're holding it for expanded, super coverage in a near-forthcoming issue. So that's our "cover story' tale for this issue.


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